20 Things to Know Before You Go to Luanda (published in Roads & Kingdoms)

Angola’s Black Market Dollar Dealers (published in Roads & Kingdoms)

Peace deployed as a weapon in Angola (published in Africa is a Country)

Luanda Can Cook (published in Africa is a Country)

When Forbes starts asking questions about the wealth of Angola’s ruling family… (published in Africa is a Country)

Angola’s hidden crisis (published in Mail & Guardian’s Voices of Africa blog)

Fighting the Poor Instead of Poverty in Angola (published in Global Voices)

Hurdles and hope: Doing business in Luanda (published in Mail & Guardian’s Voices of Africa blog)

A day and a night in Luanda, the world’s most expensive city (published in CNN Travel)

A night out in the world’s second most expensive city (published in Mail & Guardian’s Voices of Africa blog)

Angola’s music and politics: an uneasy relationship (published in Mail & Guardian’s Voices of Africa blog)

My Favorite Photographs N°16: Rui Sérgio Afonso (published in Africa is a Country)

Sem políticas, Fundo Soberano anuncia…instalação de software (published in LusoMonitor)

Angola – Um Partido, Uma Voz (published in LusoMonitor)

Angola: One Party, One Voice (published in Africa is a Country)

My Favorite Photographs N°15: Indira Mateta (published in Africa is a Country)

There’s more to Angolan music than kuduro (published in Africa is a Country)

Angolan authorities forced to act after horrific abuse video goes viral (published in The Guardian)

When video of abuses go viral in Angola (published in Africa is a Country)

The trouble with Angola (published in Africa is a Country)

Afcon 2013 Preview: Angola’s Palanca Negras and the Curse of the Quarterfinals (published in Africa is a Country)

Renaissance Chic, (featured in Angola Outlook section of  The Africa Report) – “Chaotic and often crumbling, Luanda boasts nightlife for all tastes, if not all budgets, as Angolan music blogger Claudio Silva explains”.

A Weekend in Luanda (published in Angola-Today and The Luxury Channel)

Beyond Lisbon and Algarve: Exploring the Lesser Known Portugal

A Quick Guide to the 2010 Cup of Nations

8 Musicians That Will Make You Rethink World Music

5 Reasons to go to Angola

5 Sexy Capetonian Haunts

Editor’s Pick: The Top 5 Live Music Venues in Luanda (will be included in the next edition of the Bradt Guide to Angola, the first English-language guidebook covering the country)

Xé Menino, Fala Política (op-ed in Club K, Angola’s most widely read news/current events website)

Os Cães Ladram e a Caravana Passa (op-ed in Angola’s Club K)

A Geração da Distopia (op-ed in Angola’s Club K)

As eleições americanas e nós (op-ed in Angola’s Club K)


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